Rabbit Virus

Many of you will have heard that a new strain of the Rabbit Haemorraghic Virus Disease is being released in the coming days.

The release is expected to reduce wild rabbit numbers by 50%. The disease is easily spread via flies, birds & many other carriers so there is a risk that pet rabbits may be affected. The disease is very quick in onset and can kill a rabbit in as little as 24-72 hours. Most rabbits show very few or no signs at all when infected. 

It is recommended that all pet rabbits are vaccinated against the disease. Vaccinations are available at vet clinics. Rabbits vaccinated under 12 weeks of age should have a booster every 3-4 weeks till they are 12 weeks old. Rabbits over 12 weeks of age need 1 vaccination. To maintain optimum protection your rabbit should have a yearly booster. 

We have received some queries regarding hay and what we will do to avoid spreading the disease. 

The advice we have received is that the virus becomes non-infectious after a period of 105 days of nil contact with a rabbit.

All our current hay stock is prior to the virus so is not infected.  All hay in the future will be quarantined and/or purchased from safe areas.

As more information comes to hand we will update this.