Tuffrock Equine Joint Formula

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TUFFROCK EJF is a powerful natural supplement for horses made from the world?s first energised (toxin binding) volcanic minerals that are bio-available, to support collagen generation, plus calcium.

Supports synovial joint fluid, cartilage, ligaments, tendons & bones for normal, healthy freedom of movement in horses of all ages.

One 50 gram scoop a day per 350+ kg bodyweight in feed can support:

  • Collagen Types I, II and III which are the amino acid building blocks that help make-up skin (coat, mane, tail & hoof); connecting tissues (muscle, ligament, tendon & mucosal linings) and vital organ surrounds - Important in all horses for normal healthy, supple joints.
  • Healthy Mucosal Linings on the small intestine (nutrient pathway) and in the stomach (acid protection) which can also assist general feed conversion, happiness and wellbeing.
  • Normal Gut Acid ... it is generally regarded that gut acid upsets can influence the environment for gut flora and enzymes responsible for converting feed into synovial joint fluid nutrients to function properly. EJF natural earth minerals are pH positive for normal gut acid balance and can help the natural generation of synovial joint fluid.
  • Toxin Removal ... it is generally regarded that toxins in horses have an extremely detrimental effect on any horses? ability to convert their feed and maintain normal physiology. TuffRock energised volcanic minerals are held together in a unique product matrix that holds an opposite charge to toxins or pathogens. Opposites attract for adsorption, binding and gentle removal for reducing the risk of gut stress, and help maintain a healthy gut which is important for joint feedstuff conversion.