Bearing Retainer pack of 4

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Common Uses

Used to hold in a vaginal prolapse until the ewe can give birth.


  • Made of heavy duty yellow plastic that does not break in use.
  • Made in only one size that will fit any breed of sheep.


A ewe can urinate and even lamb, if need be, past a prolapse retainer.

How to Use

  1. Clean off the prolapse.
  2. Apply SuperLube to it and push it gently, but completely, back inside the ewe.
  3. Insert the spoon into the vulva.
  4. Tie to a clump of wool (leave no slack). If there is no long wool, tie it to the two buckles of a prolapse harness (see accessories tab above).


For it to succeed on its own, it must be installed when the prolapse is very small and fresh (even an hour makes a difference). We rarely use this retainer on its own. If a ewe prolapes, we immediately use both a retainer and a harness. After the ewe stops straining (normally 2 to 3 days), we remove the retainer and somewhat loosen the harness.