Hira Labratories Seda Horse 200ml

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This concentrated blend of plant substances act as nerve tonics for the brain, muscular, digestive and skin systems. A concentrated calming blend containing some of the following: chamomile, vervain, hops, scullcap.

  • May be used over a period of a few months for behaviouralproblems.
  • A fast acting sedative suitable for shows.
  • Horses that experience difficulties when there is a change to their training regime.
  • May be used for horses that tense muscles during a training session.
  • Low daily doses may be used over the show season to keep the horse settled.
  • May help improve the efficiency of neuro-transmittors.
  • Seda Horse will not make it excessively drowsy or negatively affect performance.

Dose10-20ml an hour before required. For top competition double dose the night before and use Hira Submission on the day. 3ml may be given daily to act on the nervous system to settle the horse.