ProvideIt Graze Ezy

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Grass, in rapid growth mode, after fertilisation, harrowing of manure, or when stressed by over-grazing or the weather, becomes unbalanced particularly in it?s mineral and nitrogen content.

The ensuing periodic spikes in potassium and nitrogen or the increased water content of grass in spring all contribute to mineral (particularly electrolyte) imbalances in the horse.

Whilst nature has provided the horse with efficient self-regulating mechanisms to keep the body functioning normally at these times, many horses eventually become overwhelmed resulting in the various health and behaviour issues.

Graze Ezy has been formulated to help neutralise or 'buffer' these imbalances in the grass. It contains magnesium chloride. The magnesium component promotes the correct metabolism of calcium, helping to ensure it is deposited in the skeleton rather than soft tissue. The chloride component is equally important as it assists with the expulsion of excess potassium via the urine.

It is important to start with 10gms per feed and gradually increase the dose as per the directions. Keep an eye on your horse?s manure. If you see it soften then just revert to the previous dose level.

Seaweed Concentrate has been included in the formulation for it's toxin-binding and immune boosting properties. Organic chromium assists with metabolizing the sugars in the grass.