Ration Plus

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Ration Plus?is a biological feed additive derived from bacteria found naturally within the horse's digestive tract, including Lactobacillus acidophilus. When fed to your horse, Ration Plus?provides a favorable environment for the growth and activity of the important and beneficial digestive microorganisms. The active ingredients concentrated inRation Plus?are bacterial byproducts produced through a unique multi-stage fermentation process. The end result is a highly stable concentrate that supplies a combination of nutrients to target specific beneficial bacteria found in the horse's digestive system. This helps to establish a healthy balance of populations in the digestive microflora.

Many beneficial digestive microorganisms produce an inhibitory effect on the growth and activity of pathogenic microbes that cause digestive disturbances. They also aid in the breakdown of ingested food, as well as producing Vitamin B complex, which is an important co-enzyme for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, essential for normal growth and the metabolism of the horse.

Ration Plus? is safe because it is biologically derived product. It is safe to handle, safe for the environment, and advantageous for horses in all stages of life, including pregnant and lactating mares. Ration Plus? is easily added to your horse's daily rations squeezing the dropper with the recommended application of 3ml (3cc) to 6ml directly on to their hay or grain.

All horses can benefit from the application of Ration Plus? to their diets. For the digestive tract to work effectively, a healthy digestive environment must be established and maintained for the growth and activity of the beneficial digestive microorganisms; Ration Plus? FOR HORSES was designed with that in mind. Ration Plus? is compatible with, and will enhance, standard vitamin and mineral supplementation. It is not a drug, nor does it contain any live microorganisms, so that safe, consistent quality with broad storage parameters (up to three years) are ensured.