Gold Foot Pig Tail Bundle of 10

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  • The Heavy Duty 7mm Gold Foot Pigtail Post is by far one of the most popular products Strainrite has to offer. The 7mm Heavy Duty Gold Foot has a wide range of quality features that make it a prominent product within the Fencing Industry both local and worldwide.

    It features a heavy duty 7mm Galvanized spring steel shaft which resists bending on application, with an 840mm out of ground height which has proven more effective in containing stock.

    All Strainrite Gold foot pigtail posts now feature Hot Dipped galvanised coated foot that provides enhanced corrosion protection. We call it white gold. Strainrites policy is to constantly strive to improve product quality & performance.

  • Galvanized spring steel 6.9mm diameter shaft
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised coated foot
  • Enhanced Corrosion protection
  • Extra overall length - 1040mm