Extruded Maize 25kg

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'The Digestible Energy Source'

It is recognised that Maize as an energy source has it's limitations with regard to digestibility, and it's potential for creating problems with excessive carbohydrate fermentation in the caecum leading to colic or laminitis. The extrusion or cooking process when applied to Maize raises digestibility in the small intestine from around 30% to 90%.

This process offers a highly available energy source, whilst minimising the risk of hindgut carbohydrate fermentation from undigested grain.

The addition of Vegetable Oil during the extrusion process enhances the energy value of the product whilst adding essential fatty acids to aid cellular integrity and skin and coat appearance.

Dunstan Extruded Maize is presented as small discs and when fed in conjunction with a balanced diet for protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins, provides a highly available energy source for either racework or where extra condition is required. 


Typical Analysis (Dry Matter Basis)

DE Mj/Kg 16.5

Crude Protein 8.0%  
Fibre 3.0%  
Fat 5.0%  
Salt 0.06%  


Feeding Recommendations

Racework: Feed 0.5 - 1.5 kg per day depending on race activity.

Condition Feed: Feed 0.5 - 1.0 kg per day according to body weight.

If possible split the feed into at least two feeds per day or preferably three. Always ensure the horses requirement for fibre / roughage is met (minimum 1% bodyweight).

Available in 25kg bags.