Equine Vit&Min Grass Blend

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Equine Vit&Min Grass Blend is scientifically formulated to balance mineral deficiencies in the diet of grazing horses that are spelling, retired or in light to moderate work. Includes organic and inorganic sources of zinc, copper and selenium. With added biotin and Vitamin E but no sweeteners or fillers. The highly concentrated formula offers exceptional value-for-money. 

Equine Vit&Min Grass Blend can:


  • Top up the minerals often missing in horse diets to at least the minimum recommended levels (according to NRC 2007). 
  • Balance the critical mineral ratios across the whole diet. 


Equine Vit&Min Grass Blend gives you the freedom to choose your horse's feed with the peace of mind that all mineral requirements are met. Because feeding your horse should be as simple as ABC.