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Fiber Fresh Fiber Protect is processed from pure alfalfa. It is vacuum sealed locking in all the nutrition and goodness and will remain perfectly preserved until opened, ready for use. Fresh succulent FiberPro is flavoured with a touch of molasses and is eagerly sought by animals making it a favourite ingredient in any ration. A safe natural feed that can either make up the bulk of a feed ration or be used as a supplement to add in essential minerals and nutrients to the diet.


  • FiberPro has the ability to act as a conditioner/modifier in a diet and will assist with the digestion of other feeds and grains
  • This moist nutritional feed is well suited for conditioning specially for the growth of youngsters and sales preparation
  • Moist and succulent FiberPro can be safely fed knowing dust and respiratory problems are a thing of the past
  • Conveniently packaged in a compact bag that is easy to handle and transport and can be stored outside if required
  • FiberPro contains a good high concentration of natural yeast which helps seed the correct enzymes for good digestion and adds a high vitamin B content
  • FiberPro has an excellent digestible protein content and yet has an amazingly good energy level making it a good genuine all-round feed
  • FiberPro has gained international recognition through use by our Olympic team and top Equestrian riders and is currently exported to countries in Asia, the Middle East and America among others