EquiFibre Lucerne Pro 24kg

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Equifibre LucernePro®, a highly nutritious forage made of quality Lucerne. The Lucerne is cut and pressed into convenient block size portions for ease of handling, and vacuumed sealed to enhance nutritional quality and freshness.

It slows consumption down and encourages chewing which can help prevent gastric conditions like colic.  It is completely dust free with a high moisture content, it helps to keep horses hydrated and enhances feed palatability.  It will assist in maintaning weight and will also provide an idea balance to the diet.  Equifibre LucernePro®, also has a low starch and sugar content compared to hay or grass products and contains natural biotin promoting and maintaining the growth of healthy hooves.

Lucerne in the diet is well researched for its ability to help reduce the incidence of stomach nulcers. 

Ingrediengts: Lucerne - molasses free