Henritetta Bath Jasmine Soap 4 Pack

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Made in New Zealand with only the finest natural ingredients. 

Soothe your sensitive skin with a gentle, natural soap. This Lavender Soap also contains pure and natural oatmeal to gently soothe your skin as it cleanses.

This natural soap contains only the finest ingredients. The blend of honey, goats milk, lanolin, sunflower oil and natural scenting oils is combined with oatmeal to care for your skin the natural way. The benefits of oatmeal for skin care have been understood since antiquity! The ancient Greeks took knew that oatmeal benefits the skin by nourishing, protecting and lightly exfoliating. Take care of your skin with this Lavender and Oatmeal Soap.

It makes sense that natural skin care products would be better for your skin than chemical-laden products. Choose this natural Lavender Soap for Sensitive Skin.

Comes in a 4 pack