James Hart Co-Operate

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  • Mood enhancer ... happy pills for horses
  • Takes 5 to 7 days to work
  • For long term use

Co-Operate is a slower acting calmer that can take a few days to have its effect. It needs to be given every day. Co-Operate helps reduce the stress of all types of training and is particularly useful for those horses that are continually on edge and always looking at what is going on instead of cooperating with the rider. It is especially useful for horses that are coming back into work and finding the discipline hard to accept.

Once the owner has decided to stop giving Co-operate it should be withdrawn progressively over a period of about a week.

Co-Operate contains 1:2 liquid extract of Hypericum.

Suggested Dose
Horses 5-20 mL twice daily
Ponies 3-10 mL twice daily

Co-Operate contains no Valerian and does not contain any ingredients recognized to contravene the rules regarding prohibited substances.

Co-Operate contains Hypericum which can cause photosensitivity in certain individuals. These effects are reversible. If any are noticed, stop feeding the supplement and keep the individual out of direct sunlight until the sensitivity has resolved.

The manufacturer warrants the manufacture and quality of this product but cannot be held responsible for incorrect use.

  • Do not feed while in foal.
  • Under normal circumstances no adverse effects should be experienced.
  • Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

How quickly does it work?
Herbs given in a liquid form are generally faster acting and more effective than the raw dry herb. Co-Operate needs to cross the blood brain barrier so although it will begin to give benefits from the first day of feeding it may take a little longer to become apparent.

Can it be used long term?
Under normal circumstances, used within the recommended ration, Co-Operate should be quite safe to use long term if necessary.

The Herb
Hypericum or St.John's Wort