James Hart Regulate

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  • The natural Regumate
  • Helps the Moody mare
  • Normalises hormones

Regulate is designed to help mares that are troubled by hormonal variations. It is particularly useful at the beginning of the breeding season to help mares cycle properly.

It may also help mares that become bad tempered when they are in season.

The main herb in Regualte is Chaste Berry which is widely used in human herbal medidince to treat female hormonal problems. It is know as a hormanal modulator and supports homeostasis.

Seasonal and behavioural variations may affect some mares and adversely influence their temperament and performance. Regulate is an easily absorbed liquid that nutritionally supports the normal balance of hormones.

Regulate contains 1:2 liquid extracts of Chaste Berry, Hypericum, Licorice and Schisandra.

Suggested Dose
Horses 10 - 20 mL twice daily
Ponies 5 - 10 mL twice daily


  • Regulate does not contain any ingredients recognized to contravene the rules regarding prohibited substances.
  • Regulate contains Hypericum which can cause photosensitivity in certain individuals. These effects are reversible. If any are noticed, stop feeding the supplement and keep the individual out of direct sunlight until the sensitivity has resolved.
  • Do not feed while in foal.
  • Under normal circumstances no adverse effects should be experienced.
  • Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
    Keep out of reach of children.