Virbac Equimax Wormer

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Equimax? LV. Easy to use, low volume and treats all horses up to 700kgs.
Equimax? LV is an allwormer that effectively treats all major intestinal worms in horses including all species of tapeworms and bots present in NZ. Equimax LV has the added convenience of being a low volume easy to use paste. Equimax LV is presented in a specially designed syringe that is easier to use than conventional worming tubes, particularly for those with small hands or with difficult horses. Most horse wormers only contain enough product to treat a horse up to 600kg, or less. Equimax LV now contains enough product to treat a horse up to 700kg. Research has shown that most people underestimate their horse?s weight by 20%1,2. Inadvertently under-dosing may leave your horse at risk of serious health problems and worm resistance. Equimax LV is safe to use on all types of horses including pregnant mares, foals and breeding stallions