Rapid Gain 25kg

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McMillan Rapid Gain contains a portion of the cereal composition as steam flaked cereals. This steam flaking process considerably enhances starch digestibility, allowing for a more complete digestion and conversion of starch to sugars in the small intestine. Excessive hind gut fermentation of cereal grains is therefore minimised, ensuring a safer and healthier digestive process with reduced incidence of colic, laminitis or reduction in performance is a feed that helps condition old, underweight or sick horses and is a growing feed for foals and weanlings. Its high protein level, formulated around milk powder and soya meal plus the addition of amino acids, helps develop muscle integrity and body condition. A highly digestible feed containing essential vitamins and minerals and live yeast.

Feeding guide

  • Conditioning Feed – up to 5.0 kg per day
  • Foal/Weanling Feed – up to 3.0 kg per day at 3 months up to 5.0 kg per day at 12 months