NRM Moozlee 25kg

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NZ?s most popular starter feed - the ultimate premium calf feed.

Suitable for calves reared for both beef and dairy heifer replacements.

NRM Moozlee is a proven product that has stood the test of time. An extremely palatable and nutritious feed which contains a mix of fibre, highly digestible steam flaked grains, molasses and pellets. Specifically formulated to maximise the growth opportunity and early rumen development in young calves, Moozlee gives calves the head start they need to reach their full potential.

Key Benefits & Features:

? NRM Moozlee flavourant for enhanced palatability and early feed intakes

? Highly digestible steam flaked grains for early rumen development

? Early rumen development leads to rapid growth and early weaning

? Vitamin and mineral package for optimal health and development

? Bovatec? for coccidiosis protection

? Recyclable packaging

Feeding Recommendation:

Wean off milk gradually at 65kg minimum weight, when consuming 1kg of Moozlee per day. Moozlee should be offered fresh each day. If fed in troughs, clean out frequently. Always allow free access to fresh, clean water.