Palamountains Omega Enriched Oil with garlic 5L

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PalaMOUNTAINS Omega Enriched Oil is highly palatable and when feed to horses not also provides an extra source of energy but also has additional benefits to the overall health of your horses.

Packed with Omega 3 & 6 and infused with garlic, PalaMOUNTAINS Omega Oil is the ideal oil supplement to assist with energy production, storage of fat soluble vitamins, and helps to fulfill your horses requirements of a balanced oil intake.

It's the combination of these oils and garlic that offers a superior oil supplement that active horses require.

Feeding Directions:

For use as a daily oil top up and energy source when using other palaMOUNTAINS Nutritional Supplements.

Begin feeding 25ml-30ml per day and increase gradually over 10-14 days period to 50ml-1OOml per day.