Prydes Easi Performance 25kg

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Nonoat Sweet Feed for racing

Complete extruded non-oat sweet feed for racing and performance horses.
‘Delivers precise, controlled energy, to maximise performance and staying power.’

A scientifically formulated sweet ‘muesli’ blend of separately extruded corn, barley and lupins, with whole sunflower seeds, rolled in oil, honey and molasses.

Useable energy for hard and fast work, combined with quality protein to maintain bones, tendons and body structure.
Contains high quality proteins to maintain bones, tendons and body structure.
With a full range of minerals, trace-minerals, including Bioplex® trace-minerals, for optimum uptake, and electrolytes and vitamins, Yea-Sacc®1026, a live yeast culture, and Bio-Chrome™, organic chromium, to match the needs of high performance horses – all in Pryde’s Ex-Pel Pellets™ to ensure no fines, or sifting out.
EasiPerformance™ is a complete feed that makes feeding both scientific and convenient – simply mix the recommended amount with chaff and provide roughage as hay or pasture relative to the stage of training or daily exercise needs.
Containing only cooked grains, EasiPerformance™ is the perfect feed for performance horses that are prone to tying-up.