Sharpes Rabbit Pellets

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Ingredients Selected From

Wheat, Barley, Maize. Bran, Pollard, Soyabean Meal, Peas, Lucerne Meal, Meat & Bone Meal, Bloodmeal, Fishmeal, Molasses, Salt, Tallow, Limestone, Methionine, Lysine, Trace Elements, Vitamins.

Feeding Recommendations:

Growers: Introduce gradually at 2 weeks of age then feed ad lib till slaughter.

Breeders: Restrict feed to 80-100gms/day after 8 weeks of age.

Pregnant: Restrict feed to 115gms/day until the last week of pregnancy, thereafter ad lib until little has been weaned.

Bucks: Feed up to 120gms/day.

Note: Do not feed to sheep, cattle, deer, goats or other ruminant animals.