Compete 1.5kg

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COMPETE is a stand-out in the latest of 'total' or 'all in one' super supplements. Total system support for the competitive sporthorse in 100% organic form.

Full spectrum of relevant Bio Plex? organic minerals including Chromium, Magnesium and Sel-Plex? as well as patented functional nutrients to maintain gut health and improve immune response supporting natural defences essential for optimum performance.

COMPETE supports muscle development, function and recovery, the gastric system, feed and energy utilisation, the immune system, the nervous system, hooves and coat.

Formula 2 - COMPETE is available in a 1 month supply 1.5kg resealable packet.

Directions - feed 2 scoops a day, ideally 1 at night and 1 in the morning. If extra calming effect is needed on occasion, feed both scoops in the morning.

If you have a horse that has an excess weight problem and needs more energy we recommend Formula 3 - Organic Plus fed at night.