Dunstan Staggers Nugget 10kg

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Rye Grass Staggers is a nerve and muscle disorder whereby horses tremble, lose the ability to walk properly (stagger) or fall down. It can also affect sheep, cattle, red deer, alpacas and llamas.

Ryegrass staggers is not usually fatal, and affected animals normally recover if taken off the toxic pasture and offered endophyte free feed.

It is the sub-lethal doses of mycotoxins / endophytes that potentially are more harmful. Such exposure can cause organ damage specifically to the liver and kidneys, suppressing the immune system which ultimately leads to secondary bacterial infections and general unhealthiness.

Today we have an added factor due to the longevity of our horses, with a growing population surviving 25 years or more. This puts them at risk of developing mycotoxin related problems such as cancer, from continuous over-exposure to mycotoxins throughout their lives - endophytes in pasture, mould and dust from chaffs and straws, mould from damp grain, moulds from baylage/haylage.


The Product

Dunstan Staggers Nugget is an extruded cereal nugget containing a premium mycotoxin binder.

Mycotoxin binders aim to bind the Mycotoxins a horse ingests, thereby rendering them inactive and having them pass through the digestive system. Excreting the mycotoxins before they are absorbed into the horses bloodstream avoids their undesirable side effects.

Whilst the use of mycotoxin binders specifically for Grass Staggers has not yet been subject to full scientific evaluation, anecdotal evidence from current and past users suggests strongly, a marked effect in helping to minimize this risk, and justifies its inclusion in the diet of horses and susceptible ruminants exposed to pasture endophyte.


Feed Rate:

  • Dunstan Staggers Nugget fed at 100 grams of nuggets daily as maintenance.
  • As an aid to prevention 20 grams per 100kg live weight per day.
  • 500kg Horse: 100 grams per day.Ingredients

Maize, Wheat Pollard, Vegetable Oil, Flavour, Mycotoxin binder.