Arctic Blast Equine Rug

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Science shows that cooling improves recovery from injury especially if applied quickly. Ice can cause tissue damage if too direct and maintained on the site for too long. Arctic Blast works by evaporative cooling and so the danger of tissue damage is allayed and the coolant can be left on until the site gets warm, then the bandage or the rug can be re-cooled by replacing in the foil container with refill coolant.

A unique and patented Rug that can safely reduce the horse's body tamperature as much as 10 degrees C in just minutes.  Safely reducing heat stress, helping to prevent muscle injuries, avoids dehydration and enhances fast recovery from strenuous exercise. 

Ideal for racing, endurance, eventing or any sport in hot conditions.

The Rug is washable and re-usable with an economic recharge solution that is very quick and easy to use, just put the rug in the special bag supplied and add the recharge.

  • For overall body temperature reduction
  • Reduces the horses’ skin temperature up to 10°C in minutes
  • Draws the heat out of the body reducing heat stress
  • Eases muscles injuries and improves recovery
  • Reduces dehydration
  • Use prior to exertion to improve performance