Extruded Soya 30 kg

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A Concentrated Quality Protein, Energy And Vegetable Oil Source For All Horses.

Dunstan Extruded Soya is made from whole soya beans which have been ground and heat treated using the dry extrusion process. ( Dunstan Extruded Soya should not be confused with Extracted Soya Bean Meal which has had the oil portion removed).

During manufacture of Dunstan Extruded Soya the beans are ground and heat treated to destroy the anti-nutritional factors in raw soya beans. The process causes cell rupture which releases the valuable oil portion for digestion. The finished product is a palatable, golden-coloured, free-flowing meal.

Dunstan Extruded Soya is high in the essential amino acid Lysine and provides a quality protein source. The high oil content within Dunstan Energy Soy is a good source of both energy and the essential fatty acid Linoleic Acid, good for developing coat condition and sheen.


Calculated Specifications (per kg as fed) 

Crude Protein 36.0% Minimum
Fibre 18.0% Minimum

Contains no added vitamins or minerals.

Calcium 12.0g
Phosphorous 6.5g
Sodium 6g
Chrolide 9g
Potassium 7g
Magesium 2.5g



  • Provides an economic and easy to use concentrated protein and energy source ideal for feeding to young growing horses.
  • Can also be used for horses in work and is especially useful for horses that do not eat well.
  • Can be used for mares or other stock where added condition is required.
  • Will improve coat sheen.


Feeding Recommendations

Dunstan Extruded Soya can be included in the daily diet of all horses as a high protein energy supplement. The daily feed levels below are given as a guide. These should be varied for the individual requirements of each horse and the work being done. Any changes in feed should be made gradually.

NOTE: Dunstan Extruded Soya can be fed separately or mixed with the daily ration.

Ponies 150-200 grams per day
Weanlings 100-200 grams per day
Yearlings 150-250 grams per day
Adult Horses Light Work 200-400 grams per day
Adult Horses Heavy Work 250-500 grams per day
Stallions and Horses in Training 250-500 grams per day
Broodmares 250-500 grams per day

Store in a cool dry place.

Available in 30 kg polypropylene bags.